B saver is the UK’s first proximity based discount and specials club that provides its users with offers and specials, local discounts and events. It provides multiple offers from multiple outlets and venues, both locally and nationally.

What Is Proximity Marketing? 

Imagine walking down the high street and your mobile phone lets out a PING, and on your mobile device is a clear notification to alert you when the shop, café or business you are outside or close too, has a special offer or discount today. Imagine visiting the shopping centre and everywhere you go you get the opportunity to save money and share in daily specials and receive local only discounts.

All you need to do to take advantage of this is to down load our free AP, it is that simple. 

How Does It Work? 

B saver uses a unique technology that communicates with your mobile phone once our B saver App is downloaded.

It uses proximity marketing beacons that are placed at each business, which interact with your phone, leaving your special offer, but only when you are within range to use it!

This eliminates annoying emails and spam, this is not a coupon based or loyalty based scheme, you are not going to get messages all the time and in fact only those offers that are actually available to you personally, as you are right there at that time are shared with you. So, it is perfect, simple and so so convenient.

Be smart, Be savvy, B saver and never pay full price again.

Join up now click here to download our App and start saving. 

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