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Our app is designed to connect the high street with potential local buyers. Customers can benefit from discounts delivered to them through our app. Businesses will be able to connect with their customers and get them to check out their offers. With BSaver, everyone is a winner.


Are you heading to the high street and want the best deals? As soon as you are close to a shop that offers discounts, you will get a notification.


You don't have to join any clubs or pay membership fees. All you need is the app on your phone to take advantage of local deals.


You don't want to spend days researching the best local deals. You want them right where you are when you need them.

BSaver app – How it Works

All you do is get is download the app and you will receive a text message, click on the link and down load the App. This App is the conduit to a new world of shopping.

Don’t miss out, using our free App get the specials and offers available while you are there in proximity of the businesses, cafes, shops, boutiques and leisure experiences.

It is as simple as 1 2 3

All you do is download the app and you will receive a text message back, click on the link provided which will take you directly to the store of choice and download the B saver App with one click.

This App is now your conduit to a new world of shopping.

A simple notification is pushed via our B saver beacon via Bluetooth, don’t worry your B saver App manages all that for you too. The notification will alert you with a sound and you can see the notification link on your phone and just click to access your chosen offer or special.

B Saver App

The B saver App will give you access to your offers, specials, discounts and events, which you can redeem immediately as you are right there, these specials are beacon only specials so you can only get them if you have our App downloaded. 

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